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Paul Cavanagh

Freelance Health Writer

specializing in senior living


Content strategist
Writing Coach


Do you serve seniors anxious to maintain their health but wary of sacrificing their independence?

If you provide retirement living, dementia care, real estate, or downsizing services, I can help position you as someone seniors and their adult children can trust whole-heartedly.


I understand the questions seniors and their families want answered as they consider a move to a smaller home, retirement living, or dementia care. That’s because I’ve worked in seniors’ services as a therapist, educator, and consultant. And I’ve been a caregiver to an aging father.  


From the moment I first hired Paul as a freelancer, he understood what made our organization special. That was evident in every media release, interview, blog post, and email campaign he did for us. He’s highly responsive. His content more than doubled our website traffic. He delivers results for a fraction of the fees charged by marketing agencies that don’t have the same depth of understanding of our industry and the people we serve. Paul is definitely someone I’ll keep turning to when I have projects that I know need to be done well and on time.

Joy Birch

Chief Operating Officer, Highview Residences

I have had a great experience working with Paul. He understands my industry and genuinely cares about my company and our brand. He delivers on what he promises and also looks out for you and your business (e.g. broken links, etc). Paul also understands that I have a creative schedule to keep and delivering on time is very important. I highly recommend working with Paul.

Amy Friesen

Founder and CEO, Tea & Toast

Seniors and their families gravitate to companies that are genuine, that “get” what they’re going through.

Your marketing materials need to reflect this.

I can help you attract new clients by writing content tailored to this audience. Don’t have the budget to hire a freelance writer like me? No problem. I can teach you to write your own customer-focused marketing material for a fraction of the cost. 

I understand the problems and opportunities that aging presents for your clients. That’s because I’m not just a writer. I’m also a subject matter expert. I’ve worked as an occupational therapist, educator, hospice palliative care coordinator, and long-term care consultant. And I looked after a father with dementia.

For nearly a decade, I’ve been crafting focused content that speaks to the core of what seniors are going through. In recent years, I’ve applied my talents to copywriting and coaching. And I’ve been getting results for my clients.


What’s the biggest thing I got out of Paul’s course? It’s being able to articulate my value to downsizing seniors. Now, I’m able to clearly and comfortably differentiate myself from other realtors without putting anyone down. Not just in writing, but in conversations as well. I got a listing last week, and I believe it’s because Paul’s course helped me think through my messaging.

Sue Anfang

Seniors Real Estate Specialist, Accredited Senior Agent

Paul used good examples to show us how to write customer-focused messages. I had an Aha! moment every class. It was all very illuminating and made great sense. I expect to double my income as a result of taking his course.
Cathy Burton

Master Accredited Senior Agent

Paul’s ability to create content for that zeroed in on what caregivers value helped us expand our following with caregivers. I was consistently impressed with the skills and experience he brought to the table and won’t hesitate to hire or recommend him for other projects. Working with Paul has been great!

Michael Robbins

Executive Director, Information Network

Paul was a strong collaborator with us on the creation of a number of culture change resources. He was able to take very complex ideas and communicate them in simple and clear ways and in ways that would resonate with people working in long-term care and retirement living. He is a great story-teller and was an enormous help in sharing our stories.

Dr. Sherry Dupuis and Dr. Carrie McAiney

Co-leads, Partnerships in Dementia Care Alliance (University of Waterloo & McMaster University)

Paul has a special knack for making complex medical information not only simple but also interesting and easy to relate to. 

Sheila Cook

President and Chief Learning Officer, InVizzen Knowledge Brokers

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